Featuring PAWS, Dolfinz, Sex Hands and Waiters...
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Edinburgh based label Song, By Toad have confirmed plans for a 12 inch release featuring PAWS, Dolfinz, Sex Hands and Waiters.

Song, By Toad has been central to Edinburgh's resurgence as a force within the Scottish music scene, with the blog acting as a hub for new talent and fresh opinion. Expanding to host its own label, the Scottish imprint is currently lining up an unusual 12 inch release.

Focussing on underground guitar music, the line up features some of our favourite new groups. PAWS, Dolfinz, Sex Hands and Waiters have donated tracks, with the material being recorded entirely in Song, By Toad's front room.

"Ever since Sparrow & the Workshop first considered using one of their Toad Session recordings as a b-side I have been fascinated with the idea of releasing Toad Sessions more formally than just giving them away on the internet" label lynchpin Matthew Young explained.

Inspired by the emergence of tight-knit, bedroom based labels, the project quickly gained momentum with the recording being done on a shoestring budget. "So, we got first Waiters and Sex Hands, the two Manchester bands, round to our house to record their songs, and then Dolfinz the following week. Another week or so later Paws were playing in Edinburgh, and they came by on the afternoon of the gig to record their four tracks. The recording barely took longer than an hour or two per band, and we deliberately kept the mixes quite loose and unpolished, to suit the style of both the songs and the recording style."

Effectively a compilation album rather than a 12 inch, you can grab the release HERE.

Here's the tracklisting:

Side A:

1. Gay Marriage by Sex Hands

2. Kill a Familiar by Paws

3. Jennifer Finch by Dolfinz

4. So-So by Waiters

5. Clementine by Paws

6. The One Where the Stripper Cries by Sex Hands (2.34)

7. Kitsch Craft by Dolfinz

Side B:

8. Vacillate Wildly by Waiters

9. Chair (Big Deal cover) by Paws

10. Chandler in a Box by Sex Hands

11. Lacquer by Waiters

12. Teenage Bloom by Dolfinz

13. Cherry Blossom by Paws


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