‘So Long’ Is A Genre-Defying Moment For Tyrin

The Brookyln rapper gets up close and personal for his first release of the year...

Tyrin has shared his first single of the year titled ‘So Long’.

The Brooklyn native is in charge of his own trajectory, blurring the boundaries between indie-pop, rap and punk. Embracing a moody, downtempo production, the artist treats his pen as a cathartic escape from reality. Although deeply personal and indulgent, ‘So Long’ reaches out to those in the midst of emotional struggle, finding strength in its introspective, raw lyricism.

Across the past decade, Tyrin has set out to defy the conventional, reflecting on the genre-defying work of Kid Cudi, Lil Uzi Vert and Frank Ocean. 2022’s standout single ‘Its All Right’ marked a turning point for the rapper, aiming for a larger, more impactful sound alongside his band. 

‘So Long’ marks a turning point for the artist, a venture into new beginnings. Leading with a full production and magnetic hooks, there’s the sense that Tyrin is ready to explore live performance further, showcasing his craft across fresh crowds and stages.

The artist adds: “I wrote this song about a situation I was in a little bit ago that made me fall for someone who didn’t share the same feelings I did. but i wrote it as if i were narrating it because that’s sort of what i did in real life. There was always a big part of me that knew I’d probably end up getting hurt at the end of the day but the heart wants what the heart wants. back when I made this I would definitely describe myself as someone who would love a lot and love hard.”

Tune in now.

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