It's a colossal collaboration...

Snowy and sleaford mods frontman Jason Williamson collide on new collaboration 'EFFED'.

Snowy is a superb MC in his own right, a provocative MC who offers insight while hitting hard on the mic.

New single 'EFFED' seemingly came about after a social media exchange, with the brutal production finding Snowy sparring against Jason Williamson.

Imagine Death Grips transplanted to a Midlands council estate and you'd be close, as the corrosive electronics rampage around their voices: "The world's fucked innit?"

Out now via DMY Recordings, it was produced by Lenkemz and comes equipped with some Luke Radford and Toby Curson steered visuals.

Snowy explains...

"This song came about because Lenkemz and I have had multiple conversations over the last few years about making a political song that will change the course of public thinking, without being cringey and cliché..."

"I was listening to 'English Tapas' by Sleaford Mods one day and thought I'd love to do a song with them, so I just tweeted it. When I got the reply from Jason I was like, ‘Yeah man let's get it done', then it clicked in my head."

"Jason told me he was interested in jumping on grime as he's a fan of the music so it was all about making a crossover banger that doesn't take away from what either of us have been doing up to now."

"Personally I think this could be a decade-defining record; a mixture of grime, drill, GREEZE, punk, death metal and indie, with a DIY attitude bringing it together organically from two of Nottingham's most influential and high profile voices and talking about the shit show we call 'UK politics'. How could it not be?!”

Tune in now.

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