Band discuss criticism

Northern Irish indie giants Snow Patrol has defended themselves against criticism in a new interview.

Snow Patrol began life as a group in Dundee called Polar Bear, who played shambling indie rock with a Sebadoh fixation. After changing their name and moving to Glasgow the group became lynchpins of the Scottish indie scene, signing with cult indie Jeepster.

However after enjoying massive success with the single 'Run' and its parent album 'Final Straw' the band have become popular targets of abuse from indie snobs. In a recent interview Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers labelled the group "the most boring band in Britain".

Snow Patrol have chosen to respond, but have refused the opportunity to criticise the Manics recent output. "He's a rock God, so more power to him,” singer Gary Lightbody said of the bass player. “We only seem dull on the surface" he added to Scottish newspaper the Daily Record.

Lightbody went on to describe the group. "Jonny (Quinn) fights fires. Tom (Simpson) toils shirtless on construction sites, Paul (Wilson) is in the Navy Reserve."

“Nathan (Connolly) is a volunteer policeman and I explore my Cherokee ancestry. We're like the Village People, only slightly less gay."

Asked what has prompted the hatred, Lightbody seemed to suggest that their success has turned them into indie pariahs. "'Chasing Cars' was an inescapable hit worldwide. People think of us as that band with that song on 'Grey's Anatomy' and decide to hate us,” he said.

“One review said our fourth album would 'keep Ford Focus drivers happy,' meaning our music appeals to average blokes, not hipsters," he said.

Snow Patrol recently played a massive hometown show in Belfast to 7000 fans.

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