Exclusive: Rapper speaks to ClashMusic

Controversial rapper Snoop Dogg has spoken exclusively to ClashMusic about the death of Michael Jackson, labelling the singer "the king".

Snoop Dogg has enjoyed a somewhat chequered history. A teenage member of Los Angeles street gang The Crips the rapper went on to achieve fame and infamy with a series of hugely successful albums.

His laid back style contradicts the often gritty realism of his lyrics, with albums such as 'Doggystyle' become benchmarks for hip hop.

Once banned from the UK, Snoop Dogg has revealed that he took inspiration from an unlikely source - Michael Jackson.

Speaking to ClashMusic the rapper claimed that "it was a sad day to hear that (the news of Jackson's death)".

"Mike was the king. I definitely looked up to Mike and thought he was an amazing peformer and artist."

The rapper also gave us his thoughts on the growth of internet piracy. "It's life - they ain't doin shit to stop it - until they do, what can we do? Ya feel me?"

"Internet is a good and bad thing - the good thing is anyone can be heard, the bad is that when you wanna keep it on tha low - it can still get out. It's two sided - imma keep movin units regardless jacc!!!".

Continuing, Snoop Dogg told ClashMusic that "fans should be able to listen to music however they wanna listen to it, ya dig?!?"

Snoop Dogg released his new album 'Malice In Wonderland' earlier this year.


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