Smiley Culture Campaign Continues

Answers demanded from police

The campaign to uncover more about the death of Smiley Culture is gathering momentum.

Mixing Caribbean patois with cockney slang, Smiley Culture became a star on London’s soundsystem scene. A homegrown MC, he took Jamaican dancehall culture and added a little home spice.

Scoring a genuine hit single with ‘Cockney Translation’ the MC was cited as an inspiration by a new generation of toasters. Later moving into business, Smiley Culture died in mysterious circumstances last month.

Police raided the home of the reggae icon, and during the incident Smiley Culture died of a single stab wound to the heart. Police witnesses claim that the MC stabbed himself after leaving to make a cup of tea.

Since news broke, a campaign has been growing to uncover more about the incident. A public meeting in Brixton reportedly turned to chaos, with The Guardian reporting that a hysterical, chanting crowd demanded answers from police.

The Metropolitan police authority scheduled the meeting at the city hall, with commissioner Tim Godwin charged with helming proceedings. Attempting to move past the topic of Smiley Culture’s death the officer struggled to contain the meeting.

“It is wrong to jump to judgment either way until we see the evidence that is produced. And my sympathies are extended to the family and friends. I hope the investigation will be thorough and speedy and open to scrutiny at the end,” explained Godwin.

Meanwhile Lee Jasper, a former adviser to Ken Livingstone berated the officer from the gallery. “Is there a letter of condolence? It would be nice, if you died in custody, would it not?”

Speaking to press outside the city hall, Jasper warned of the consequences in any possible delay in investigating the death of the reggae icon. “Smiley Culture was a friend of mine. We’ve had a suspicious death in custody and we want answers and we want them quick. So whatever process or investigation that they have, they better fast-track” he said.

“Because I tell you what, you’ve got a black community here that are on boiling point and everybody needs to know that we’re not simply going to lay back and wait for the long road of justice to deliver 15 years later. We want answers and we want them now.”

The family of Smiley Culture have called for a march on New Scotland Yard, to take place on March 16th.

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