Singer awarded $5 million...
Sly Stone

At one point, Sly Stone was one of America's biggest and boldest pop stars.

Sly & The Family Stone were a rainbow coalition of bubblegum pop, gospel, rock, soul and more, notching up iconic hit after iconic hit – hell, they even stole the show at Woodstock.

However the tragic decline of Sly Stone has been difficult to watch. Left destitute, reports even placed the singer living in a tiny van in Los Angeles.

As Variety reports, though, that is all about to change. Sly Stone has won an important law suit, with the singer to be awarded $5 million in royalties.

The case hinged on an agreement that took place in 1989, when the singer allegedly handed over financial control to his lawyer Gerald Goldstein and the company Even St. Production.

A jury ruled that Goldstein, lawyer Glenn Stone (not related to the artist) and the company itself must pay damages up to $5 million.

A red letter day for Sly Stone – and pleasing news for anyone touched by his music.

(Photo via FACT)

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