'Nothing Great About Britain' lands on May 17th...

slowthai doesn't hold back.

Live, he's a barbed, emphatic, animalistic presence, as those who caught his in-the-round set at London's York Hall on April 1st can attest.

Debut album 'Nothing Great About Britain' lands on May 17th, with slowthai commenting:

“Tea, biscuits, the roads: everything we associate with being British isn’t British. What’s so great about Britain? The fact we were an empire based off of raping and pillaging and killing, and taking other people’s culture and making it our own?”

He's expanded on these themes with a series of billboards dotted around London - ranging from the gender pay gap to police stop and search policies, it's an incisive take on the absolute state of our country right now.

Check out some pics below.

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