Slow Club Album Plans

Debut release from twee pop duo

Sheffield twee pop duo Slow Club are set to release their debut album ‘Yeah, So’ later this year.

Slow Club formed around close friends Charles and Rebecca. Charles plays guitar and sings, so he roped in Rebecca to play drums. Except he didn’t have any drums to hand, so a chair along with some pots and pans made for a good substitute.

Signing to cult house of twee Moshi Moshi, the band released their debut EP ‘Because We’re Dead’ in 2007. Scoring some excellent reviews the group hit the road, charming audiences with their raucous performances and rickety harmonies.

Slow Club seem to love being onstage as much as the audience love seeing them. The two piece began working on their debut album some time ago, recording songs in batches with Richard Hawley compatriot Mike Timm at the controls.

In a statement Charles praises Mike Timm saying that “being a duo its often difficult to ‘let go’ on certain decisions… Mike has been really important providing a ‘buffer state’ between us.”

Amongst the guests on ‘Yeah, So’ are Brian O’Murchu and Jamie Morrison, who apparently plays the glass bottle. Much more than anti-folk songsters, Slow Club embody an innocence and ease of touch that suggests a certain maturity.

While their music is outwardly joyful and childlike, lyrically Charles is often melancholic but rarely without showing his barbed wit.

Still barely out of their teens, Slow Club’s debut album is nonetheless the culmination of many years work. Much loved by those in the know, the band are set to break out with this enticing slice of pop.

Slow Club released ‘Yeah, So’ on July 6th.

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