Slow Club Album Draws Near

Twee two piece prepare LP

Twee two-piece Slow Club have put the finishing touches to their debut album ‘Yeah So’ which is due for release over the summer.

Sweet, young and innocent Slow Club have perfected a brand of songwriting that is wholesome on the outside yet dark underneath. Consisting of just two people, the band’s raucous racket has won them admirers across the country.

Signing to Moshi Moshi, it would be easy to label Slow Club as a twee group. Musically, the band’s ramshackle take on rockabilly is far more complex, with their songwriting continually challenging preconceptions of what exactly it is that the band do.

Early singles such as ‘Because We’re Dead’ won Slow Club acclaim, and enjoyed a second lease of life after appearing on Moshi Moshi’s singles club retrospective. Winning fans abroad, their track ‘When I Go’ became a hum-along hit in Canada thanks to an appearance in a Ritz Crackers commercial.

Always writing and performing, Slow Club released a seasonal smash in December with ‘Christmas TV’. The band have spent time away from the live circuit, however, and have instead been concentrating on their first full length release.

Drummer Rebecca has recently graduating to owning her first full kit, having previously used a chair and a variety of pots and pans.

Quirky and deeply inventive, ‘Yeah So’ is one of the year’s most un-classifiable records. Blending deft ballads such as ‘Boys On Their Birthdays’ with the unlikely anti-folk epic of ‘Giving Up On Love’, the album is as varied a collection as you will hear.

Richard Hawley’s long term live and studio engineer Mike Timm stood at the controls, helping Slow Club’s vision become reality. Songwriter Charles said that “being a duo its often difficult to ‘let go’ on certain decisions… Mike has been really important providing a ‘buffer state’ between us.”

In a MySpace message to fans, songwriter Charles boasted that “our album is nearly ready!! we have done all the recording we are just finishing off the artwork. there will be a LP version of the album with different artwork to the CD which should be out around the same time.”

Slow Club are set for a busy summer. In addition to their debut album the band are preparing to release their new single ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful’ on June 22nd, before heading out to a field near you.

The Yorkshire two piece are set to become a major festival attraction this summer, with Slow Club due to play Isle Of Wight, Winterwell, Glastonbury and more. With their breezy, carefree harmonies, Slow Club could well soundtrack your summer.

Slow Club are set to release their new album ‘Yeah So’ on July 6th.

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