New album due on October 8th...
Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells are set to release their third album 'Bitter Rivals' on October 8th.

Sleigh Bells like to act. Sure, everything the duo release is carefully thought out, but at heart Derek Miller and Alexis Kraus have a desire to simply get in the studio and work on something new.

Arriving just over 12 months after second album 'Reign Of Terror', new LP 'Bitter Rivals' will be released on October 8th. Produced by Derek Miller and mixed by Andrew Dawson, the album contains ten tracks with the title cut available online now.

Available to buy via iTunes, new track 'Bitter Rivals' finds Sleigh Bells narrowing the divide between all out noise and glistening pop melody.

Superbly bratty, you can stream it below.

'Bitter Rivals' will be released on October 8th. Tracklisting:

1 Bitter Rivals
2 Sugarcane
3 Minnie
4 Sing Like a Wire
5 Young Legends
6 Tiger Kit
7 You Don't Get Me Twice
8 To Hell With You
9 24
10 Love Sick

Photo Credit: Petra Collins

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