sleaford mods Share Rarities ‘Git Some Balls’, ‘Air Con’

Part of the 'Divide and Exit' re-issue...

sleaford mods have plundered the rarities box for two unreleased tunes.

Remarkably, it’s 10 years since those vagabonds released ‘Divide And Exit’, a record that in some ways proved to be a breakout moment. Since then, sleaford mods have only moved upwards, recently playing a stellar Glastonbury set, for example.

Spruced up for its 10th birthday, an expanded version of ‘Divide And Exit’ lands on July 26th via Rough Trade.

Rummaging through the archive, two rarities have just gone online: ‘Git Some Balls’ and ‘Air Con’ (which is a re-working of album cut ‘Air Conditioning’).

“’Git Some Balls’ was one of those studio floor clippings that we didn’t feel quite hit the mark at the time, but today sounds great,” says vocalist Jason Williamson.

“We knew what we wanted for the album, and we didn’t feel this was quite right for ‘Divide and Exit’. What’s weird is that the rejects always sound wicked when you revisit them, as good as the stuff that got through to form the album which says a lot about the way we work and where our heads were at the time. There wasn’t anyone in the country doing what we were doing at that point, it feels like it was 30 years ago, but it’s only been 10. Mad as fuck.”

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Simon Parfrement

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