'Black Or White' not him, he claims

Legendary Guns N Roses guitarist Slash has settled a long standing debate, by revealing he did not play on Michael Jackson's 'Black And White'.

As a member of Guns N Roses, Slash became part of the most dangerous rock 'n' roll gang on the planet. Hugely respected for his skills as a guitarist, the leather trouser clad musician has appeared on numerous unusual records.

Teaming up with Bob Dylan for 'Wiggle Wiggle' the guitarist then recorded sessions with Michael Jackson. The King Of Pop's single 'Black Or White' contains a choppy guitar riff, which many assumed was the result of Slash.

However in a recent interview the guitarist denied that the track was his handiwork. Speaking to CNN he claimed: "I never played on (Black Or White')". "If you listen to (the hook), that's gay. I'd never play that."

"I played on 'Give in to Me' (also on 'Dangerous') and in the 'Black and White' video, when Macaulay Culkin was trashing around, that's me playing."

Continuing, Slash paid tribute to Michael Jackson. "Michael Jackson was f--king amazing to watch," Slash told the American broadcaster. "The one thing that Michael really wanted was for somebody to like him and those accusations just sorta just killed him."

"The fact that he was doing downers really makes sense for his lifestyle."

Elsewhere, Slash was happy to talk about his former sparring partner Axl Rose, despite the bad blood between them. "I try not to sit there and say derogative things about his personality, because that is what makes him so great. It's just hard for me to deal with," he said.

"And for some other people to deal with, too".

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