Sipprell’s ‘Peace In The Madness’ Offers Tenderness

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Sipprell has shared her wonderful new album ‘Peace In The Madness’ in full.

Out now, the record has an unusual timeline – it was crafted during her pregnancy. Given a nine month period of time to work with, the alt-R&B vocalist used her time wisely, crafting songs that documented the shift in her life.

Gradually, her ideas came into focus. Writing from the heart, Sipprell used the album as a means to fully connect with herself, locating universal emotions in the process.

Towards the end of the recording sessions Sipprell drew other voices and collaborators into her orbit. She recently appeared on Nao’s latest album ‘And Then Life Was Beautiful’, and the favour is returned on ‘Ritual’.

Out now, ‘Peace In The Madness’ has a wonderfully meditative quality, with Sipprell’s songwriting seeming to cause time to slow. A sound bath with R&B edges, it’s a song cycle that truly takes you on an immersive journey.

She comments…

I wrote and recorded the majority of ‘Peace In The Madness’ during my pregnancy with my daughter. My nine-month deadline motivated me, and I was happy to zone out from the outside noise and pressures of social media. I had a new sense of purpose, felt more emotionally connected and more at peace with myself.

I think this record embodies a lot of the emotions and experiences we share as humans – love, grief, hope and struggles with our mental health. I think we all have our forms of escapism and are seeking peace in our own way, amidst life’s chaos. That’s what this album became for me.

Tune in now.

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