Siobhán Winifred’s ‘Lungs’ Has A Quiet Intensity

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Rising songwriter Siobhán Winifred has shared her new single ‘Lungs’.

The singer is developing a potent catalogue, working on single by rapturous single. Siobhán’s honesty allows her to speak on an intimate basis with fans, putting her feelings down on record with unerring accuracy.

Supporting the likes of Rachel Chinouriri, Nieve Ella, The Academic, and James McVey, she’s now been snapped up by Chess Club Records, who release her brand new single.

Out now, ‘Lungs’ has a quiet intensity to it, with Siobhán aiming to channel feelings of anxiety, and the tightening of her breath.

In a note, she says the song is “incredibly special” to her, adding: “Anxiety, and a series of unfortunate events, had me feeling like I was drowning in the deep end. Then I found someone that made me feel like I could breathe again – that gave me new lungs”.

She adds: “I’m not always good at articulating myself in the moment, so writing ‘Lungs’ let me show the person it’s about the impact they’ve had on me. It’s a song for anyone who has a person they feel safe to be themselves around – platonically or romantically.”

Beautifully sculpted, the curl of the melody seems to amplify the potent feeling of the lyric. A fine exhibition of her blossoming skills, it comes as Siobhán Winifred prepares to play London’s The Lower Third on October 15th – tickets sold out within eight hours, no less.

Check out ‘Lungs’ below.

Photo Credit: Chaz Rudd

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