Tune in via Jammer's Instagram Live tonight at 22:00 BST

Jammer has been prolific of late, with a slew of releases, cyphers and videos released across networks.

His escapades documented on his social channels remain a constant source of energy and entertainment to tap into.

Take his recent friendly in-camp production battle with Skepta. Reminding the music community of the BBK creative production skillset - well known to some, but a wake up call to others who may mistakenly think of Jammer primarily as a mic man.

Jammer's roots, like Wiley, Dizzee, Skepta and other key musicians amongst the vibrant U.K scene have crafted their sound and identity so adeptly lie deeply intertwined in the first generation of imported soundsystem culture.

Raised on a healthy diet of music from their parents record boxes and riddim's in the household, they were schooled on the art of the soundclash and toasting from early on.

Carving grime out as a new sound and genre from the melting pot of soundbwoy folklore took tenacity as a group effort. Married to a sheer relentless determination to go up against the grain and build their own castles within the manor.

So neatly captured visually by Reuben Dangoor in his portrait series, kings in their own right with livelihoods built off the back of their own hard work.

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Image: Reuben Dangoor

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Gradually stealling market share and airtime from other genres, dubplate on dubplate via pirate radio stations and then into mainstream radio takes talent and originality in abundance.

Collaboration and a collective mindset and confidence in identity and abilitiy has enabled the scene to gain ground both on domestic and international stages.

The essence of grime and the metropolitan sounds now abundant, much like the soundsytem culture at core is already spawning new spin-off sub-genres and counter cultures each with their own tribal mentality. A marker of success in it's own right.

As the next generation of teenage adolescent angst swells and breaks against the graffiti splashed walls of the present  -grime is one of the most direct mediums to articulate points of view.

One thing is certain, the energy of grime and soundsystem culture will remain a bedrock go-to for metropolitan and rural youth in the U.K, Europe and overseas.

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Image: Reuben Dangoor


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International grime acts adopting the tempo and ferocity mirror the early adoption of hip-hop into our own bedrooms and raves.

Young artists that can now manifest and produce their own music harnessing tools readily available can now self-realise their success. In nurturing and celebrating their success we are enabling countless homegrown sounds to follow.

From concept, writing and recording themselves - to distribution, touring and capitalising on their own work without compromise or dilution from outside forces. Acts can now stand on the shoulders of their forebears and thrive.

The U.K scene across genres now provides a fulfilling and potentially lucrative outlet for the energies and creative expression of our nation's popular youth culture movements and will do so for decades to come.

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Image: Reuben Dangoor

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That establishment of pride and celebration of our identity has translated into increased success of U.K Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Afrobeat and a wider shared sense of self belief across genres on international stages.

Collective success internationally that in the U.K for decades for most of our mainstays seemed a long way off becoing as adopted into the mainstream for our acts now dominates the charts and airwaves at home and overseas.

With a few kilos of the business mindset and hip-hop empire building patterns established by Puffy, Jay-Z and others in the U.S re-applied to building U.K sound own lateral diversification into fashion, film and new enterprises - the sky is no longer the limit.

Boy Better Know. like Trapstar has become a household brandname internationally in it's own right with a distinctly unique recipe and DNA of it's own.

In turn, the North-American music market has had to up their game in order to land U.S Hip-Hop artists succesfully in European territories. The tired old hip-hop formula no longer cutting it on this side of the pond.

With the London to Lagos connection and abundance of talented performers from the continent now starting to bring in new sounds, breaks and energy to the mix - the stage is set for an exciting decade ahead.

Jammer's 'Distant Drip' EP is the first longer length measured project from him this season, landing as a follow up to recent singles 'Grime Boy', 'Believe' and 'Night Bus'. Watching him grow is like a window into the evolution of sound.

This EP is Jammer firing on all Rolls-Royce cylinders. Five tracks bursting out of their project files with positivity, exuberance and creativity let loose. Juxtaposed against the stark backdrop of the dystopian paranoia on the streets of London.

His energy as a catalyst for others is vital. Catch the drop tonight with Siobhan Bell and Jammer hosting a listening party on Instagram and Zoom at 22:00 BST raising a glass ahead of it's release across streaming platforms at midnight.

Zoom details below, tune in...

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Jammer 'Distant Drip' EP Listening Party With Siobhan Bell, Thursday 21st May 22:00 BST 

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Rolling With... Jammer


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