It's a techno-fuelled adventure...
'Welcome To Sideways'

Simian Mobile Disco are set to release new album 'Welcome To Sideways' later this year.

The duo's previous studio record 'Whorl' took a conceptual approach, with the pair packing up their analogue synths and heading out to the desert.

At the beginning to 2016 the group decided to take another about-turn, this time re-connecting with the club fare that burns their imagination.

New album 'Welcome To Sideways' is billed as a return to techno-inspired territory, albeit given a firmly individual, deeply Simian Mobile Disco-style workout.

“We realise that from an outsider point of view, it can seem like we change quite radically with every album we do” said James Ford, “but from our point of view it always feels like a smooth transition.”

Check out new cut 'Far Away From A Distance' below.

'Welcome To Sideways' will be released on November 11th. Tracklisting:

1. Happening Distractions
2. Faraway From A Distance
3. Bubble Has No Answers
4. Staring At All This Handle
5. Face To Face With Spoon
6. Space Is Full Of Ringing
7. Remember In Reverse
8. Flying Or Falling
9. Drone Follows Me Everywhere

+ 10. Welcome To Sideways (A Delicacies Mix)

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