Sila Lua’s ‘EQUILIBRIO’ Is Seeking Out Balance

The alt-pop riser returns...

Alt-pop force Sila Lua has shared new single ‘EQUILIBRIO’.

The Spanish-born talent is creating her own lane, with Sila Lua’s defiantly independent pop music blending potent melody with a knack for unusual instrumentation.

Set to play Liverpool’s Sound City and The Great Escape in Brighton, the stars are aligning for this formidable talent. New single ‘EQUILIBRIO’ attempts to find balance in life, pivoting between light and dark in the process.

A literate return, the single adds yet more weight to the Spanish creative’s reputation. She says…

For me, ‘Equilibrio’ (‘Balance’) is just an idea, something I’m looking for. I am light and dark, like everyone else, but more times than I count the latter takes weight and drags my thoughts to an ugly, cold, and abandoned place. It is also true that I have had and am lucky to experience beautiful things, very beautiful things that I wish for everyone, and that I know not everyone experiences. I don’t complain. The fact is that in the last year I have thought a lot about this contrast. This struggle of mine makes me curious; this fight of ours. Does balance exist?
I wrote this song thinking about what holds us to a certain balance or, at least, encourages us to look for it. It can be a hobby, like music in my case, but above all it is wonderful when it is a person. I am talking, in any case, about that safe place in which we can take refuge, rest, enjoy, dance and feel accompanied. I’m talking about that thing that pulls us when we get lost, that appears to give us faith when we need it most.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Alberto Bernedo 

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