Siena Liggins Speaks Her Truth On ‘3 Bad’

It deals with the confusion of a break-up...

Siena Liggins returns with new single ‘3 Bad’.

The creator has her sights fixated on future, dwelling within the rivulets of pop possibility. Each new song takes her a step closer to her goal, but for Siena, the journey is more important than the destination.

Take new single ‘3 Bad’. Out now, it finds Siena Liggins speaking her truth – as young, Black, queer creator she refuses to be hemmed in, opting to uncover her own identity through art, rather than accepting any labels.

Scintillating pop, the production is finely detailed, while her vocal aims to channel the pain and confusion of a break-up. A song about finding yourself cut adrift, ‘3 Bad’ ricochets between introspection and bold exposition.

She writes…

I wrote ‘3 Bad’ peak breakup – rude texts, painful outbursts, a loss of patience entirely. It serves as a beginning of an end for my life and music unfolding right in front of you. I ask a backhanded, rhetorical question, “what’s more vulnerable than having sex?” Maybe someone will see that as introspective and someone else will resonate with my unhealthy coping.”

Tune in now.

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