SICARIA Nods To Her Moroccan Heritage With ‘Still Swingin’

Bass abstraction with North African flavours...

SICARIA has shared new track ‘Still Swingin’.

The producer is steeped in the heritage of bass abstraction – loosely filed away as dubstep, her half-step innovations are deeply immersive, while also retaining a thirst for system excess.

New EP ‘Blood, Sweat & Self’ is out on November 17th via her freshly minted label Club Confi:DANCE, and it follows a string of high-profile DJ sets. Blessed with North African heritage, new song ‘Still Swingin’ aims to fuse aspects of Moroccan culture with aspects of dubstep.

Amid the murky, glacial movements of bass tones you’ll find intricate, highly distinctive krakeb rhythms, while the delicate yet infinitesimally accurate percussive ticks are augmented by elements from Gnawa music.

Removing herself from the norm, SICARIA is able to construct a form of sound art that feels utterly at-one with her own history and personal narratives. She says…

“’Still Swingin’ holds a special place in my heart, it represents a departure from the familiar sounds of dubstep, offering a unique glimpse into the diverse tapestry of my musical influences. Drawing deeply from my Moroccan heritage, it serves as a love letter to the rich traditions and captivating rhythms of Gnawa music.”

“Gnawa ceremonies have always held a profound fascination for me. Their deeply hypnotic, trance-inducing melodies use music and dance to summon ancestral saints, believed to possess healing powers. To recreate this entrancing atmosphere, I wove in rhythmic melodies and call-and-response chants that echo the spirit of Gnawa.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Melony Lemon

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