With Tunabunny...

Shrag are set to prepare for their new album by sharing a split seven inch single with Tunabunny.

Shrag are impossible to place. Too rough 'n' ready for the indie pop scene, the band's short, sweets songs don't fit into a post-punk niche either.

Third album 'Canines' is due to drop in May, with Shrag set to continue carving out their own identity. WIAIWYA / Fortuna POP! will join forces for the release, which is set to be preceded by a split single.

Sharing a slice of wax with Tunabunny, Shrag will contribute 'Tendons In The Night'. Out on February 20th, the single will be kept to a strictly limited edition.

Meanwhile, the London / Brighton five piece are also streaming new track 'Chasing Consummations'. A little sweeter than you might expect, as ever Shrag fuck with the formula just enough to keep you guess. Stream the single below...

Shrag - Chasing Consummations by Shrag

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Helen King had the following to say about 'Chasing Consummations' -

“'Chasing Consummations’ is a defiant song about allying yourself with your own ridiculousness, refusing to pathologise an outlook and approach to life which enables as much as it debilitates. Colour isn't all it's cracked up to be.”

Shrag are set to release 'Canines' in May.

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