Shivani Day Shares Debut EP ‘That Which Is Not’

A rich collection of tracks spanning jazz, electronica, r'n'b, trip-hop...

Shivani Day has unveiled her debut EP ’That Which Is Not’ via FAMM.

Exploring a myriad of styles, influences and eras, the Leicester-born artist’s debut collection is an illustrious introduction to a shapeshifting talent. Across six tracks, Shivani fuses elements of jazz, electronica, RnB and trip-hop, accentuated with a heady, nocturnal flair. Perhaps most notably, ‘Rhetoric’ crystallises Shivani’s vision for the project, a Desi-inspired, mystical invocation. Elsewhere, tracks like ‘Sucks to be There’ venture into a more club-adjacent terrain, whereas ‘Our Way’ feels bold and confrontational, unveiling Shivani’s commanding vocal delivery.

In her formative years, Shivani found herself immersed in her father’s record collection spanning Chicago house, reggae, Gregorian chant music and beyond. This cross-genre experimentation informs ‘That Which Is Not’ sonically and visually, blossoming through her intrigue for retro-futurism.

Marking a definitive step in her artistic journey, Shivani shares: “The project is a collection of songs that capture the beginning of my journey; these songs have allowed me to feel and follow my inner guide. Showcasing a range of genres and fusions I enjoy, this is the raw but refined version of myself as an artist. Tapping into different aspects of myself and my career prior to music so far.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Erea Ferreiro

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