She Drew The Gun Shares New Song ‘Howl’

A wild return...

Ever-evolving songwriter She Drew The Gun has shared new song ‘Howl’.

Out now, the single takes the Merseyside-raised artist to a fresh level of honesty, tapping into some guttural feelings. Constructed in Margate, it found She Drew The Gun – a vehicle for Louisa Roach – aligning with producer Ash Workman.

A deeply honest single, ‘Howl’ is a biting return – the unleashing of emotions, it also shares its name with a seminal poem from Allen Ginsberg.

An artist unleashed, ‘Howl’ opens a fresh chapter for She Drew The Gun. The songwriter comments:

To me my howl is the thing I do to release emotions and connect, the howl as art form, song, poem, it makes the now, the present moment alive when I share that with those present with me. It’s also about the staggering amount of things that led to ones existence, how part of me, the things that make up my body were there at the beginning of time, the atoms, the elements of our bodies were formed in the hearts of long dead stars over billions of years.

Then there’s what all of our ancestors lived through, the magic of consciousness, survival, all of the dangers that wired us the way we are, spirituality, respect for the earth, and I see the way life is organised through this historical understanding, how we got to this point, civilisations, feudalism, colonialism, patriarchal power, the witch hunts and how they were instrumental in the transition to capitalism, the crushing of indigenous traditions and knowledge, all of these histories and institutions shape who I am today, and I mourn for the suffering caused in the pursuit of power, but they can’t touch my soul and I have my howl to connect, release and invoke spiritual energy, most potently in the ritual of live performance.

Tune in now.

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