Dylan To Exhibit Artwork

Legendary American songwriter Bob Dylan is also a respected painter in his own right, and an exhibition of his work called "The Drawn Blank Series" will be held in London's Halycon Gallery, it has been announced.

The singer's career has had a late resurgence, being recently awarded a special Pulitzer prize for his outstanding contribution to American letters. His last album - "Modern Times" - was the songwriters best selling album in a generation, and the first volume of his autobiography "Chronicles" was hailed by critics as one of the best accounts ever made by a musician of their life.

Dylan has always been interested by the arts, most notably poetry, but it is believed that his interest in painting and sculpture began in the mid 1970s. His album "Blood On The Tracks" came with a cover designed by Dylan himself, and according to the singer the album's lyrics were inspired by his painting.

Containing more than 170 exhibits, the collection is vast and spans a number of different approaches to visual art. Opening in the German city of Chemnitz last year, the collection has garnered a clutch of good reviews.

"The Drawn Blank Series" by Bob Dylan opens in the Halycon Gallery, London on June 14th.

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