Self Esteem Promises New Music “By The End Of The Year”

Exciting times...

Self Esteem has revealed she is close to finishing her new album, and promises new music for fans by “the end of the year”.

The songwriter’s second solo album ‘Prioritise Pleasure’ became a breakout moment, propelled forward by her inspirational live show. It’s been non-stop for the artist since then, but it seems that new music is in the offing.

Returning to Sheffield for Crossed Wires Podcast Festival, Self Esteem chatted amiably onstage to host Adam Buxton. Asked about her goals, she replied: “I want to never worry about money, I’ve worried about money my whole life. I still worry about it now. There’s loads of themes on the next album about being at the bottom of the next f**cking hill, it’s never over.”

Picking up on this, Adam Buxton probed the songwriter about her next album. “I’ve sort of got it, sitting with it, thinking about it and then in September/October we are going to go back and finish it…”

” Everything in my being wanted to do a 180, but then I realised that’s me being a coward,” she said. “I’m always psychologically an album ahead, the next album I want to do a bit more orchestral and stand still a bit more. I want to sing more… I want to be Chris Martin!”

As for a potential timescale, she said: “There will be something by the end of the year.”

Self Esteem has a close association with Sheffield, and the city’s music scene. At one point in the conversation, she revealed an ambition to work with Steel City troubadour Richard Hawley on a joint album.

“My other little dream is that I’m going to do another album still living in the same SELF ESTEEM world but then I wanna do an album with Richard Hawley. Remember like that Alison Krauss and Robert Plant? I wanna do something like that…”

The ball’s in your court, Mr. Hawley!

Main Photo: Tim Rooney

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