Debut Album From French Producer

French electro-house producer Sebastian is set to release his first album, when a collection of remixes is released on October 20th through hip imprint Ed Banger Records.

Born Sebastian Akchote, the reclusive genius known simply as Sebastian is a difficult man to pin down. A renowned workaholic, he is rumoured to write a track per day yet to date has only released two EPs. Sebastian came to the attention of Ed Banger Records in 2004 after a collection of demos fell into the hands of label boss Pedro Winter, who was stunned by the unique style of the music.

His two EPs - "Smoking Kills" and "Ross, Ross, Ross" - are now dancefloor favourites across the globe, and Sebastian's remix skills are now much in demand. The new collection, released on October 20th, contains remixes of songs by such giants as fellow French house icons Daft Punk, The Kills, Kelis, Klaxons and Bloc Party. Sebastian blends easily into both rock and dance genres, with his distinctive touch capable of turning a well-known track on its head.

The very best of Sebastian's remixes, the album is released on October 20th. His debut album of original material is set to hit these shores early next year.

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