Scratcha DVA On The Influence Of Rinse FM

"They always know what they want to do – and they do it."

Scratcha DVA has revealed his continuing admiration for Rinse FM after leaving the station’s Breakfast show earlier this year.

Rinse FM is continually evolving, always pushing forward. Yet the station hinges on a few key voices, with Scratcha DVA’s Grimey Breakfast reaching out to fans across the country and beyond.

Running for over five years, Scratcha DVA left the slot in January. Still attached to Rinse via the Hyperdub show, the presenter recently sat down with Clash to chat about his upcoming album ‘Pretty Ugly’.

Reflecting on his time at Rinse, the presenter revealed that he had absolutely no idea the show would have the impact it did. “I had no idea, man. They obviously could see it from when they asked me to do it, y’know what I mean? I always knew that they do what they wanna do.”

“They always know what they want to do – and they do it. Rinse is a good.. In business sense, it’s good to – not copy them – but look at how they do things. They do it and then it happens, and I’m about that.”

In part leaving behind the Grimey Breakfast to promote his own LP ‘Pretty Ugly’, Scratcha DVA’s life feels he has opened up a huge amount of time for other projects. “People might think it’s only a breakfast show, it’s a couple of hours in the morning but actually it takes a whole day and even more if you want to put some more thought into it. I just needed more time.”

“I mean, I done the album when I was still at the show and now, in order for me to go and tour the album, I can’t do the show. I just needed a change, bruv – I mean, six years of something is long. Imagine you’re with a girl for six years. You know what I mean? You’d probably split up. It just gets boring. Not that the show got boring, but six years of anything is long, so you’ve got to change up your life.”

Watch out for a full interview with Scratcha DVA on ClashMusic shortly.

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