Sarathy Korwar
Hypnotic lead track 'Earth' is online now...

Sarathy Korwar is set to link with the newly form UPAJ Collective on upcoming album 'My East Is Your West'.

The Indo-jazz percussionist, producer and composer was rightly lauded for his debut full length 'Day To Day', before working alongside Shabaka Hutchings and Hieroglyphic Being on A.R.E. Project in 2017.

The 10 strong UPAJ Collective working alongside Sarathy Korwar on his latest album project recorded live at the Church Of Sound, East London, earlier in the year.

'My East Is Your West' is set to land on November 9th, with the lengthy, hypnotic, groundbreaking cut 'Earth' (originally written by Joe Henderson) online now.

Opening with vocals steeped in Indian tradition before erupting into a spiritual jazz workout, it's emblematic of the cultural exchange which runs through the record as a whole.

Sarathy explains: “For this album, the musicians play the songs of notable jazzers and Indian classical musicians who have all been interested in this cross-cultural musical exchange in the past. But this needs redefining, as the narrative has moved along considerably since these songs were initially recorded in the 1960s-70s. Although great recordings, many of which are considered classics, their nod to any non-jazz traditions of music today seem tokenistic and express a deep-rooted orientalised view of Indian music and it's music makers.”

“'Eastern music', much like the term "African music' are still ubiquitous and are indicative of how the UK sees, hears and consumes a lot of music that is from afar. This album (and it's title - My East Is Your West) attempts to question notions of what and where 'East' and 'West' is, in the disturbingly common and casual use of these terms whilst talking about music and bringing together both jazz and Indian classical music with a shift in the power dynamic.”

Check out 'Earth' below.

A1. A Street In Bombay (Amancio D’Silva)
B1. The Creator Has A Master Plan (Pharoah Sanders, Leon Thomas)
B2. Mind Ecology (John McLaughlin and Shakti)
C1. Malkauns (Part 1) (Shankar-Jaikishan)
C2. Malkauns (Part 2) (traditional)
D1. Journey In Satchidananda (Alice Coltrane)
D2. Hajj (Abdullah Ibrahim)
E1. Earth (Joe Henderson)
F1. Mishrank (Jazzmine) (Ravi Shankar)
F2. Utopia And Visions (Don Cherry)

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