Santigold’s ‘High Priestess’ Is A Dynamic Return

"I decided to create the future..."

Santigold returns with new single 'High Priestess'.

The American artist took time out of late, choosing to engage with familial responsibilities, and enjoying the simple pleasures of motherhood.

The muse comes calling once more, and a collaborative session alongside close friend Ray Brady and producer Boys Noize.

Out now, it's an explosive, hyper-colourful return from the Philadelphia artist, with a darting sense of precision.

Santigold shares: “I decided to create the future, to look towards where we are going, to create beauty and pull towards that beauty. I need that for myself, but it’s also there for whoever else needs it.”

Crafted collaboratively, 'High Priestess' guides Santigold into a fresh era. She comments…

"I love working in this way, a communal effort, a meeting of minds and hearts to make something that is a true collaboration, more than any of the single parts themselves. For me, music is about community, it’s a way to connect, both in the making of it and in the listening to it. I made this song over the past two years during the pandemic, and was desperate for this type of connection."

"I started working on it in my studio with Ray a few weeks before the first lock down in 2020, but after that, I was completely by myself in a room. Part of the time, I was in a room in a cabin in the middle of the woods in Canada, completely isolated. Technology was amazing though, because I felt like I was hanging out with these guys the whole time."

"My engineer recorded me on my computer in my studio from afar. Boys Noize and I hung out everyday on Zoom and talked and laughed more than we’d had a chance to in years. I worked with Simon for the first time in this way, over Zoom with us in different countries, and immediately figured out what I love about him as a producer. It was like teleporting a vibe into the studio, being able to sit for hours face to face working on songs together."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels

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