Lavish tribute set for release

The life and work of folk icon Sandy Denny is set to be celebrated on a luxurious new box set.

Sandy Denny always knew she was a singer. Having never had any formal training Denny simply got up on stage one night, with her glorious voice evident from the first note of the first song.

Joining Fairport Convention, her confidence blew apart notions of a female performer. Capable of out drinking her male band mates, Sandy Denny matched this with a stunning musicality and a rapidly blossoming songwriting talent.

A split with Fairport led to an acclaimed solo career, before Sandy Denny tragically died in 1977. Now a luxurious new box set aims to give her life and back catalogue the treatment it deserves.

Moving from her very first recordings to those final demos, what emerges is a confident yet sensitive artist who pushed back the boundaries of what folk music was capable of accomplishing.

The new box set contains a huge number of tracks never heard before, taken from reel to reel tapes found in Denny's house. As well as this, the new box set boasts some amazing live recordings and the first time the 'Swedish Fly Girls' soundtrack has been issued on CD.

Beautifully housed, the new box set contains a 72 page hardback book, a reproduction of one of Sandy Denny's notebooks and a host of other memorabilia. As well as this, a number of seminal artists have written tributes for the late singer, including Richard Thompson and Robert Plant.

Simply titled 'Sandy Denny' the new box set runs to 19 discs and will not doubt be the final word on the singer's career.

Still inspiring new artists, Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo offered his own tribute: "Sandy always transports me to a unique musical place, and defines a certain time in music history to my ears. Her music and voice have been elevated to the top-most reverential rungs of all those I hold dear in my musical life."

The new Sandy Denny box set is due on November 1st.

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