Samuum Share Poignant ‘Asel’ Video

It's an anti-war plea...

Armenian-American duo Samuum have shared powerful new video ‘Asel’.

The video is part of their ‘Brides’ series which explores femininity in some difficult arenas. ‘Maria’ became the opening work, lauded with a trophy at the Berlin Music Video Awards.

‘Asel’ offers shimmering art-pop, it’s sub-zero climate producing something poignant, and haunting. Lusine and Ando Berberian combine to drive the song forwards, with the lyrics acting as a powerful anti-war plea.

Alisa Zolonz and Ando Berberian direct the video, bringing to life its themes in provocative fashion. They comment…

“We were shocked by what is happening in Armenia and Ukraine and Iran now. With the level of cruelty against women. When as kids we were reading horrible stories about tattooed female victims of the Armenian Genocide we could never imagine, that something like that can happen again, especially in our civilized times.

“We understand that violence against women during war conflicts is one of the tools of spreading more fear. That’s why modern dictatorships use that tool and spread the results of it through social media. It’s a real gendercide! We need to stop this targeted cruelty against women during war conflicts and our work is a reminder about that.”

Tune in now.

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