Samantha Urbani Launches Debut Solo Album ‘Showing Up’

New single 'One Day At A Time' is out now...

Samantha Urbani has laid out plans for new album ‘Showing Up’.

The former Friends vocalist is going it alone, recently making her solo bow with the excellent single ‘More Than A Feeling’. Oozing cool, she’s now confirmed plans for her debut solo album, in addition to sharing a blast of fresh music.

So, the LP. Samantha Urbani’s new album is titled ‘Showing Up’, and it will be released on September 22nd through Lucky Number. New single ‘One Day At A Time’ taps into that lineage of whipsmart New York pop, putting us in mind of Blondie or even aspects of LCD Soundsystem.

The vocal is all icy chic and dark glamour, with Samantha Urbani singing “I’m immune to guitars, I’m immune to cool…”

She comments…

Ok, ok. I am the tough guy and I am dead serious. I am an advocate, a protector, and an activist. I’m also a total crusher and yolo’er and I take the sweet risks and I justify it all to myself even when I know I myself am being the idiot.

This is basically the cutie goofer song about wanting the player and drawing it out. Kissing you FEELS vital to my survival! I know its NOT! It’s just a FEELING! BUT THATS A BIG FEELING! THATS A HUGE LONGING! THATS A LONG ACHING! Urgh, can’t we just ween it off little by little? Once a week act in love? Fuck it up one day at a time? Not fuck it up all at once?

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Catherine LoMedico

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