Sabrina Baellaouel’s ‘Al Hadr’ Is A Powerful Statement

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Sabrina Baellaouel has shared her startling new album ‘Al Hadr’.

The songwriter was born, raised, and remains rooted in Bagneux, outside the southern périphérique of Paris. Drawing on her North African heritage, she folds influence over influence; melding electronics with soul, reaching towards the influence of hip-hop production guru J Dilla in the process.

Embracing what she terms “accidents” during the creative process, new album ‘Al Hadr’ is infectiously broad. A work of real autobiography, she’s joined by an array of guests, with Sabrina acting as central curator.

Dance producer Basile3 joined the album sessions, alongside experimental club DJ and writer Crystallmess, jazz musician Monomite and pop singer Bonnie Banane, among others.

“I’m in a very strange time and space right now,” Bellaouel says. “I feel like I’m on the verge of something bigger than me that I can’t control, but the album has allowed me to release all of this emotional turmoil. I’m like a warrior, dirtied and wounded, leaving battle to find a peaceful field ahead.”

Check out ‘Al Hadr’ in full.

Photo Credit: © Marine Keller 

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