S.F. Johnson’s ‘All Night’ Offers Escapism

A dream-like song of everyday frustration...

S.F. Johnson returns with new single ‘All Night’.

Out now, it’s the latest utterance from this fascinating talent. Perhaps you’ll be aware of his previous work – in a former life, he was a member of Leeds-based band Goodbye Chanel, later known as Modern Pleasure.

Relocating to Tokyo, this life-altering move triggered his solo work. Exploring the capabilities of his own voice, debut EP ‘Songs From An Empty Orchestra’ emerged to acclaim in 2021.

New single ‘All Night’ continues his solo journey, an after-hours tale of ennui in the humdrum of the modern workplace. Out now, it plays with reality and unreality, it’s dream-like imagery tapping into the unconscious mind.

It’s about repressed anger, ultimately, with the song’s biting frustration offset by that whimsical use of melody. S.F. Johnson comments…

“’All Night’ portrays the life of a fed-up, beatdown office worker ‘Tim’ – who looks to escape the mundane trappings of everyday life through a VR platform called ‘Digital Utopia’ that he discovers while procrastinating at work. The vision for the video came from director Bo Morgan and myself after evenings chatting about the meaning of the song. We wanted to bring another layer to it, and decided to play around with the idea of an alternate digital reality. More and more we are looking for an escape from our lives in some way through the digital world – in social media, video gaming, and content creation. We can curate exactly who we want to be, but it’s not real, and I’ve always found that interesting.”

Tune in now.

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