s a r a s a r a Channels ‘Euphoria’ In This Epic New Cut

A bold new track produced by Matthew Herbert...

s a r a s a r a is nothing if not bold.

The singer embraces the full spectrum of emotion in her work, ranging from extreme lows to the greatest of highs.

Working with producer Matthew Herbert, new album 'a m o r f a t i' is a fascinating journey through pop's future paths, a continually groundbreaking yet addictive collection.

Clash is able to unveil new cut 'Euphoria', and the blunt title sits at odds with the fragrantly poetic, continually allusive lyricism.

A deft, subtle, and powerfully addictive new offering, 'Euphoria' comes backed with this missive from s a r a s a r a:

“It is the creature you become when you’re high on the drug of true love, which is scientifically proven as the most powerful drug in our universe. It’s the primarily life drive. It’s bigger than us. You never know where or when it will manifest. You never know how your body and soul will react, it brings everything to the surface, the best and the worst of you. It can be really disturbing, but nobody should ever say no to this, because in the long run, every true love you meet teaches you, heals you, elevates you to a higher level of consciousness, it’s only life expansion, for a better version of yourself. It’s also precious because it's ephemeral. It’s a very rare and fascinating and beautiful experience, I think if you’re lucky enough, you can experience it two or three times in your life.”

Check it out now.

'a m o r f a t i' is set to be released on October 14th.

Photo Credit: Michel Jocaille

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