"Sounds like BladeRunner starring Don Henley."
Ryan Adams deadmau5

American troubadour Ryan Adams has seemingly been recording new music with deadmau5.

Well this took us by surprise. Ryan Adams has made a career out of sudden about turns and unexpected projects, but few - if any - of his fans ever dreamed that he would leap into the EDM arena. However if the singer's Twitter feed is to be believed then that's exactly what's happened.

Yesterday Ryan Adams Tweeted to fans, filling them in on the collaboration. "Recording a track with my new pal @deadmau5 today," he wrote, before adding: "Sounds like BladeRunner starring Don Henley."

Later, deadmau5 posted an Instagram photo of Ryan Adams, labelling it: "@theryanadams singin words n shit." Sounds... hilarious, to be honest. No word on a release date as yet, sadly.

Lest we forget, Ryan Adams is also gearing up for another collaboration - the singer is set to play drums and help with production on the new studio album from The Lemonheads.


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