"I adore the Sex Pistols, I adore his music and I adore him..."
John Lydon

In one fell swoop, Russell Brand planted himself firmly at the centre of a new political debate.

Yet the comedian and cultural figure has also encountered criticism. In a recent webchat with the Guardian, John Lydon tore apart Brand's vision of a new political revolution.

"The likes of Russell Brand coming along and saying something so damn ignorant is absolutely spoon-feeding it to them," he said, referring to the establishment. "What he’s preaching there is a lifestyle of cardboard boxes down by the river. He’ll make you all homeless. He’s preaching all this from the mansion. Lovely innit."

Russell Brand used the latest instalment of web-show The Trews to reply to Lydon's comments. "John Lydon for me is a great cultural figure" he said. "I adore the Sex Pistols, I adore his music and I adore him, but it's a common misconception that I told people not to vote."

"If there was a party worth voting for then I'd vote for them… and I would urge you to as well, but it's difficult to create those kind of global political parties because of trade agreements preventing that kind of thing from happening on a national level, which is a complicated issue and I can see why John Lydon might have trouble fitting that into a tiny little interview particularly when he's got to promote a show about bugs."

Watch it below.

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