Run The Jewels On The Power Of Voting

El-P and Killer Mike speak out...

Run Jewels have urged fans to use their vote in today's (June 8th) General Election.

The hip-hop duo breezed into town last weekend to headline Field Day, and stuck around to chat with Julie Adenuga on Beats1.

The prospect of the General Election loomed over the Q&A, with both members of Run The Jewels taking time to urge fans to exercise their democratic right.

El-P explains: "I will say there was a long time for me where I felt like not voting was the most powerful choice I could make. In my mind I was so convinced that it was a sham, that the results were already called ahead of time. I was so used to feeling betrayed by the results of these things that I felt for a long time like me not voting was conscientious objection."

"For me personally I made the decision that I was going to participate because I figured why the fuck not and frankly they try so goddamn hard to dissuade you from doing it that maybe there’s something to it. If you got a force of people that are trying to dissuade young people from voting, if it’s better for them that you don’t vote then even if they’re liars and even if their results are corrupted you gotta think you’re fucking with them if you vote. I like that idea. I like that idea of fucking with people."

Killer Mike adds: "I’m black. I don’t have a choice. I have to use every weapon at my disposal for freedom, justice and liberation. Often times in Western society those that are not Anglo are thought of as afterthoughts. Whether it’s self-organizing the dollar in our communities or it’s being a staunch advocate on our behalf or the behalf of allies, and being active in the streets or voting, I have to use every weapon. If not either you suffer under the oppression or you go crazy and revolt in ways that are unhealthy for you and your community."

"I’d just like to say to young people no matter what your religion race culture class, as a young person you have less rights than older people because you don’t own stuff you don’t pay taxes. Your money is not as influential to government. As a young person a lot of times all you have is your voice, your energy, your vigor and your vote. i’d like to encourage all young people in all countries that are democratic or republican in any way exercise your voice but don’t let that be the only thing you do."

"Get out in the streets and be active, get out, make friends or allies with people culturally who don’t look like you, who are not like you. Ultimately if all these governments on Earth pass tomorrow you still will have a world of human beings trying to figure it out. I encourage the proletariat to make sure you are ruling over the people that think themselves your masters and not allowing it to be the other way around."

Check out the clip below.

Photo Credit: Rachel Lipsitz

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