'Look Into The Light' due on May 21st

Rowdy Superst*r is set to release his new single 'Look Into The Light' on May 21st.

Sometimes you can be too far ahead of the curve. Way back in 2009, Clash handed our Ones To Watch section over Matthew Herbert, who name checked Kwes, Micachu and Rowdy Superst*r waaayyy before their first official release.

This week has seen Kwes and Micachu cross swords once more, while Rowdy Superst*r is gearing up for a new release.

Upcoming single 'Look Into The Light' will be released on May 21st, with Matthew Herbert's Accidental Records providing the track with a home.

Here's the tracklisting:
Look Into The Light (Album Version)
Look Into The Light (Matthew Herbert Mix)
Look Into The Light (Instrumental)

Looking ahead, Rowdy Supersr*r is putting the finishing touches to his debut album. Matthew Herbert has been on hand to supply advice, with the producer seemingly allowing the artist to really cut loose.

"Working with Herbertronic was literally a dream come true, we had so much fun playing with sound" he said. "He facilitated every vision I had for this record and completely supported and pushed me in my no limits approach to making music. I tend to have lots ideas and put them all into one song, Matthew taught me how to strip the fat."

Fancy a preview? Well, since it's (almost Easter). Rowdy Superst*r recently gave ClashMusic the first glance of - stream it below.

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Rowdy Superst*r is set to release 'Look Into The Light' on May 21st.

Photo Credit: Socrates Mitsios

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