Rosie Lowe Announces New Album ‘Lover, Other’

It's out on August 16th...

Rosie Lowe has unveiled plans for new album ‘Lover, Other’.

The songwriter has built a truly singular catalogue, merging neo-soul with crystalline electronics, while writing from a distinctive, original perspective.

Rosie Lowe signalled her return earlier this year, and she’s now laid out plans for new album ‘Lover, Other’. Out on August 16th, the record features 14 tracks (and a reprise), and it will be released via tastemaker label Blue Flowers.

New song ‘In My Head’ leads the way, a slice of sub-zero soul music with a lyric that encourages us all to lean in to change. She comments…

‘In My Head’ is a song about feeling the change in life and trying to learn to just surrender to it and not overthink. It’s about digging deep to a place inside where I forge on anyway, despite my fears…

Set to play London’s ICA on September 16th, Rosie Lowe has also shared a crisp video for ‘In My Head’ – directed by her brother, Louis Hemming-Lowe.

The film maker comments…

Rosie gave me a really open creative brief, wanting the visuals to connect and not be too literal. With this in mind, a feeling of nostalgia came through. I aimed for an abstract, fantasy feel with hand-drawn animation and dream sequence symbolic connectivity.

Themes of nostalgia, looking back, looking forward, time and repetition, reliving episodes and memories, beginning and ending, life and death. I wanted the viewer to figure these out, like waking from a dream and trying to decipher the meaning, so there’s no real story or direct narrative line.

Tune in now.


  1. Sundown
  2. Mood To Make Love
  3. In My Head
  4. Bezerk
  5. There Goes The Light
  6. Walk In The Park
  7. Something
  8. Don’t Go
  9. In The Morning
  10. Out Of You
  11. Gratitudes
  12. This Before
  13. Lay Me
  14. Lover, Other
  15. Sundown (Reprise)

Photo Credit: Abiella Aband

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