Group Storm The Nation's Airwaves

Hotly tipped new group Rosie And The Goldbug are set to release their latest single, with "Lover" set to hit the racks of a record shops near you soon.

Hailing from Cornwall, Rosie And The Goldbug have become one of the hottest names to drop on the indie scene. A highly sexually charged band, the drummer is a lesbian while Rosie herself is bi-sexual. To make matter even more awkward, the guitar player is currently dating Rosie's sister.

Growing up in an isolated, bohemian family Rosie became interested in music and after numerous failed attempts at starting a band her current incarnation fell into place. Sounding like a cross between Muse and Kate Nash, the band combine a fondness for experimentation with a love for a good party.

Currently all over TV and radio, "Lover" is a thrilling blast of indie pop coming over a bit like a slightly unhinged version of Ladyhawke.

Rosie And The Goldbug will release "Lover" as a single soon. Look out for the band on the free CD that comes with the new issue of Clash Magazine.

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