ROREY Drops New Single ‘Emotional Hangover’

A sure-fire summer anthem...

Since the dawn of music as we know it today, New York has remained a staple, a buzzing capital of innovation and experimentation. The city has blossomed some of the most incredible and influential artists from a myriad of fields, whether it be Sonic Youth or Lana Del Rey or The Strokes – with a list of others too long to even begin to name. And now, New York is still a stage that is introducing incredible newcomers, with pop starlet ROREY staking a claim as being one of NYC’s future indie-pop sensations.

2021 saw ROREY’s first foray into releasing mussic, with debut single ‘Predictable’ being a glossy, sunny dose of radio pop. Now, the now twenty-three-year-old has evolved, elevated, delivering a stellar new single ahead of her forthcoming EP. ‘Emotional Hangover’ digs its roots into nostalgia, ROREY channelling late nineties and early noughties aesthetics, the conclusion being a formidable blend of grunge and pop. A sound that has been toyed with by many for some time now, but this pop prospect has a serious knack for song writing, with her new single boasting mammoth choruses, her carefree-aura and charisma oozing through with every note.

Speaking on the track, ROREY says, ‘When I wrote this I was in my self-proclaimed “victim era”. Everything was everybody else’s fault. I would send long essays lashing out with my anxiety. Emotional hangovers are a real thing. After any fight, tense conversation, or panic attack I would exist in this disassociated cloud for days following and I was at the same time reconciling with my bi-polar diagnosis. I walked into the session and was like ‘I’m emotionally hungover. I want to write about that’.

ROREY’s debut extended play, ‘Apt 7d’, is set for release on June 30th, and ‘Emotional Hangover’ is a delightful introduction. The bittersweetness is refreshing and authentic, her modern take on already loved genres forming a truly slick sound. The guitars are full of life, ROREY’s performance a well-executed balance of ‘too cool’ and full of passion – exactly what nineties guitar music was all about. Despite her minimal discography, ROREY is for sure going to be a force to be reckoned with if her output remains at the calibre of this new single, which is sure to be an absolute summer anthem. 

Tune in now.

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