Roosevelt’s ‘Rising’ Has A Future-Driven Sheen

His new album is incoming...

UK producer Roosevelt has shared new song ‘Rising’.

The eclectic electronic force is back once more, with new album ‘Embrace’ set to land on September 22nd. A flurry of previews have emerged, tapping into his broad range of disco and house influences, while adding some individual spice.

Out now, new song ‘Rising’ has a future-driven sheen, his sonic finesse coming to the fore. Built up from a sliver of sound on his laptop, it takes his live sound into the studio, with Roosevelt applying an almost organic sensibility to his electronic deviations.

The vocal calls out: “Don’t keep me waiting now / cause all of the time / It feels like we’re rising up.

Roosevelt comments…

“I had this demo that I was working mostly on tour called ‘Rising’ simply because I tried to make the chords feel like they are constantly rising in pitch – similar to these audio illusions that sound like they’re rising in pitch forever. While working more and more on the track and adding more layers, I realised that the lyrical theme of ‘feels like we’re rising up’ in the form of a euphoric feeling was fitting to the vibe I created with the track. It’s a more driving, electronic track on the album that will be quite a special moment in live sets.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Michael Schmelling

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