Róisín Murphy Responds To Those Who Criticised Her View On Puberty Blockers

She says she is "unsuitable" to be in the debate...

Róisín Murphy has posted a new statement responding to those who criticised her view on puberty blockers.

The singer has long had a huge LGBTQI+ fanbase, with her regular performances to queer audiences solidifying the bond between artist and audience. A few days ago, however, fans were shocked when a social media note went viral.

Posting using her personal Facebook page, Róisín Murphy criticised the use of puberty blockers – science used to delay the changes of puberty in transgender and gender-diverse youth who have started puberty.

Clipped and placed on various platforms, you can check out the original message below:

The debate quickly spiralled, her words being seized on by those engaged in online culture wars – even Graham Linehan got involved.

Now Róisín Murphy has posted a lengthy statement. She says she had been “thrown into a very public discourse” and that she is “unsuitable” to be there.

Discussing the post in question, she writes: “I should’ve known too that I was stepping out of line”.

“I’ve spent my whole life celebrating diversity” she adds, and writes that she would “need patronise or cynically aim my music directly at the pockets of any demographic”.

The statement doesn’t use the words ‘trans’ or ‘puberty blockers’, but does seem to address fans from the LGBTQI+ community who feel hurt by her words. “For those of you who are leaving me, or who have already left, I understand,” she writes.

Writing she is “sorry” for the “shock” her comments have caused, Róisín Murphy says her “fixed views are not helpful”.

“Campaigning is not what I do,” she finishes, “my true calling is music and music will never exclude any of us.”

Find the full statement below.

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