Rodney P Accused Of Domestic Abuse

Former partner makes allegations in lengthy statement...

UK hip-hop legend Rodney P has been accused of domestic abuse.

The allegations were made by former partner Myvanwy Evans in a lengthy statement, shared on social media a few hours ago.

The statement describes the rapper's alleged behaviour during their relationship, which took place a decade ago.

She writes: "On many occasions I was grabbed by the arms, neck, face, legs. Tossed into walls, sideboards, furniture, up and down stairs. Rodney threatened me with an empty wine bottle to my face, shouting you fucking bitch I’ll kill you – I thought I was going to die. He would drag and shake me and hold me down, bruising my arms, legs and upper torso black and blue."

Myvanwy explains that it took her a long time to process what she went through, and initially went public this summer.

She writes: "For 13 years I have waited for this man to be a better man. I congratulated him when he got married a few years ago and told him I was proud of him, that he was doing good. Since then I have heard that he is still abusive and I know firsthand that he is in denial and refusing to admit or take responsibility for his horrific acts."

"I am ashamed of this man. All I ever wanted was for him to do better. Instead here I am publicly sharing the devastating things he put me through."

The full statement can be found HERE.

Rodney P recently released material on Tru Thoughts, who Clash reached out to earlier today. He hosted three documentaries on BBC Four this summer: Rodney P's Jazz Funk, The Last Pirates: Britain's Rebel DJs, and Beats, Bass & Bars – The Story of Grime.

Rodney P has not officially commented on the allegations.

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Tru Thoughts have issued a full statement on the accusations, explaining that they understand they "have been denied".

Continuing, the label explain that they take "domestic abuse very seriously", and go on to confirm that their work with Rodney P is "currently suspended".

Find the statement below:

After this statement went live, Rodney P contacted Clash with words of his own, denying the allegations.

"As someone who is known for being outspoken I know my silence has been confusing and may have added momentum to the rumours. Some of those claims are false but there are incidents in my past which I am ashamed of, and which I have worked hard to put behind me."

"So while I want to refute the false allegations made about me, I need also to address the truth behind these stories. I am deeply ashamed to admit that 24 years ago I struck my then girlfriend during an argument. This was an isolated incident and it immediately ended our relationship."

"Many years later, in January 2012, I was involved in another situation that I am deeply ashamed of. During an argument with my partner I physically assaulted her, and she was taken to hospital. Even more to my shame, she was pregnant at the time, but the baby was unharmed. I am deeply ashamed of and remorseful for these incidents. However neither of these incidents involve the woman whose allegations were published by Clash."

"Although some people in my close circle are aware of what happened in my past, I have never spoken publicly about any of this, and further stories have recently spread. I am aware that my silence has created a space for those rumours and allegations to grow."

The statement continues: "I was arrested for the assault on my partner in 2012. I was charged with Causing Actual Bodily Harm and I pleaded guilty. I was sentenced to fifteen weeks imprisonment. I am deeply ashamed of my actions at that time, and I have paid the price for those actions. The woman I assaulted is now my wife. I have worked very hard – and continue to work hard – to account for these actions and to put them behind me. With the love and support of my wife and family we have moved on."

"But now with the circulation of other false stories about me I have no choice but to make public the facts of what happened in my past in order to set the record straight."

"I do not in any way condone domestic violence and would do anything in my power to right my wrong eight years ago."

"Unfortunately, I can’t. To every person that has been affected by this I am truly sorry."

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If you've been affected by any of the issues in this story then please contact Refuge on 0808 2000 247.

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