Rod Stewart Just Called Out The Tories On Live Television


Rod Stewart just dialled up live television to call out the Tories.

The singer is a true legend, someone who still packs in the crowds after decades at the top. A true rock ‘n’ roller, he walks it like he talks it – even donning his overalls to fill in potholes on Harlow roads near his house.

Well, he’s just ramped it up a notch. Rod Stewart surprised Sky News by dialling in to a news phone-in, and revealed he is done with the current Tory government.

The singer – who previously voted Conservative – told the host it’s time for a change, and explained he now wanted Labour to take charge. Citing the woeful condition of the NHS under the Tories, he said “in all my years living in this country, I’ve never seen it so bad”.

In addition to this, Rod Stewart also said he would pay for 20 people to have private scans in order to ease the pressure on the NHS.


It’s far from the only iconic incident in Rod Stewart’s recent life. Famously a big Celtic fan, his most recent visit to Glasgow saw the singer help stewards pick up litter after a home game – he then headlined the glitzy Scottish Music Awards nearby.

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