Rod Stewart, Elvis Costello Laugh Off Media ‘Feud’

"Where’s your hair gone mate...?"

Rod Stewart and Elvis Costello have laughed off their media 'feud'.

Elvis Costello caught a recent Jubilee performance, a show littered with great names, and his feedback was immediately picked up by the red tops.

The Mirror reported Elvis Costello as saying Rod Stewart's performance had been "shite", something he immediately rejected.

In a tweet, Elvis called the headline "typical Mirror shite" before adding: "If you read my actual remark, it about the wrong-headed idea of asking Sir Rod pass up 'You Wear It Well' to lead a fucking singalong. Ms. Ross is deity. Have some damn respect. I was joking about the many uncomfortable choices that were overlooked."

Sir Rod, knight of the realm, wasn't about to take the criticism lying down however, and soon added a pot-shot of his own through social media.

"Dear Elvis," he wrote, "yes my voice was rough cos of Covid. I apologise, I though it better it to make an appearance rather than let everyone down so sorry…"

He then joked: "By the way where’s your hair gone mate?????" For his part, Elvis then added: "Dear Lord Stewart. You know I love you. Think the Queen would have loved 'You Wear It Well' or even 'Hot Legs'. As to gigs, I had a stinker the other night in Liverpool. They come and go, like hair, which I keep sewn in my hat. Up The Republic. Elvis O.rrible B.loody E.erbet". 

Check out the exchange below.

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