Without breaking a sweat...

American indie rock maverick Robert Pollard has confirmed a total of five new albums.

Robert Pollard has always been productive. As lead singer of Guided By Voices the singer balanced tours with his day job as a school teacher. Turning professional just allowed Pollard to release more new material.

Averaging around two to three new albums a year, Robert Pollard is set to get busy with a total of five new records sitting on the release schedule.

Currently rehearsing a renewed line up of Guided By Voices, the singer has also been completing a remarkable series of projects. In no particular order Robert Pollard will:

- Release new album 'Our Cubehouse Still Rocks' with Boston Spaceships
- Release a new eighteen track solo album through GBV Inc.
- Appear on the new Lifeguards album 'Waving At The Astronauts'
- Launch new project Mars Classroom
- Release another new album with Boston Spaceships

Phew! For some, a crippling release schedule but for Robert Pollard it seems to be a walk in the park. Confirming the Guided By Voices re-union, the singer had intended to just play one set at the Matador birthday party.

However that has now branched out into a short tour, with the possibility of more dates. Elsewhere, Robert Pollard has confirmed news of an art show at New York's 45 Space between August 27th - 28th.

The gallery will feature "more than 60 imaginary record sleeves, as well as dreamed-up magazines and coffee table books" apparently.

Tantalisingly, Boston Spaceships are said to be working on an album called 'Let It Beard' starring underground guitar alumni J. Mascis, Wire's Colin Newman, the Dirtbombs' Mick Collins and many more.

Boston Spaceships will release 'Our Cubehouse Still Rocks' on September 7th.

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