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RJ Thompson has a knack with a pop song.

An artist whose grasp of melody is absolutely supreme, he's been able to build a devoted fanbase with his sunshine-strewn alt-pop.

2020 album 'Lifeline' shot to the top of the UK download charts, and it was pierced by RJ Thompson's playful creativity.

Taking time to focus on his next step, the songwriter is back with something brand new, and illuminating.

New single 'Your Money Or Your Life' is a daring firecracker of a tune, with its glorious summer-fuelled energy bouncing out of the speakers.

Co-produced alongside Adam Sinclair, the buoyant indie-pop framework is set against some lyrical word-play that cuts a little deeper.

He comments: “‘Your Money Or Your Life’ is about the notion that throughout your life you are left with regular decisions to make that pit what is best for you as a person against what is best for you socially or financially. I think the pandemic kind of highlighted that issue quite a lot… the difficult choices people have to make every day to survive”.

The video for 'Your Money Or Your Life' airs through Clash, and it was filmed in the same four walls that acted as his ad hoc studio during the pandemic.

A burst of isolation imagination, you can check out the video below.

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