It's a snappy taste of his hip-hop leaning pop...

Riz La Vie is coming for you.

An artist driven by undaunted ambition, his new EP 'Breathe' is just a few days away.

Out on June 28th, the EP is a bold document, with his hip-hop leaning pop offering style and a punchy melodic template.

Of the EP, he offers: "To anybody listening to my music, I hope it gives you the confidence to go within yourself and the find the light, that you have been hiding from you. Breathe yourself down to your core and find it, create it, or cough it up. We are millions of years of evolution, superheroes - those powers get unlocked with a few little keys."

"'Breathe' is to understand and help heal self, interpersonal relationships, and Mother Earth - by releasing all that does not serve you. The breath is the gas pedal to your car, and it's so easy to get stuck in first gear. Breathe to the bottom of your ribs and drive that motherfucker."

'Saturn' speaks of this process of release, it's quite euphoria driven forward by each emphatic new note from the songwriting. The production is spicy, while his velvet voice turned each word into an immaculate message.

Tune in now.

Riz La Vie will be performing at New York's Babys All Right on Friday (June 28th).

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